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I am life. My life consists of trying to show others a more sustainable way – and thus to save what’s left of the diversity of life. That’s why I work as an independent economist, philosopher and artist. My own life, that of Dr. David Strauss, I don’t care much about. Not compared to LIFE, and the truly innocent – future generations of children and non-human life. They don’t deserve extermination by our current lifestyle – or birth into a world that is no longer worth living.

That’s what I paint for, what I want to show people. We are all just life. Each of us a leaf from a branch (“the human one”) on the tree of life. We should not consider other leaves or branches (species) as inferior or mere resource. And yet – consciously or unconsciously – (almost) every one of us actively (consuming) contributes to its destruction.

For this I use my philosophical and economic training – write presentations, articles, and books. To show that there is another way. To show how each and every one of us is (unconsciously) responsible for it. To show that our current system is hardly able to save the innocent from ruin.

That’s why I take photos. To show people that other lives are worth living and other species ought to be respected, too. Not to trick anyone into adding another flight to their bucket list.

And I try to be consistent myself. Avoid any consumption if possible – even if it often hurts me. I don’t do it for myself – I try to follow my teachings with actions and save nature.

By buying a picture, print or photo you would allow me to continue to devote all my strength and energy to this topic. I don’t want to get rich – consuming more than a few hundred euro per month is not sustainable these days anyway. I just want to have the opportunity to devote all my abilities and intellect to the one topic that is really close to my heart. We are all nothing but life …

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