David Strauss Paintings

Here are direct links to my recent paintings of 2022 and early 2023 (.Figurative Work (2022-23) Part 1 and Figurative Work (2022-23) Part 2

My name is David Strauss, I am a painter, economist, philosopher, photographer, artist, life. Here are some of my paintings and poems. All pieces are oil on canvas (unless otherwise stated). The figurative art is divided into:

Philosophical Figuratives .

Nature is Life.

Humans in World.

Abstract Paintings.



When did we go wrong?


When trees turned timber producers?

Lakes became recreational areas?

Animals nothing but toys and food?

When nature succumbed to a mere resource?

When we became consumption hunters? Our Ego started dominating life?

Do you remember – when did instrumentalization become our god?



All thoughts obscured by words, Feelings smothered in speech.

I try in vain to reach you, my being always ruptured in your world.

Even the most tender of touches, never reveals its true being – transformed by your Gods.

My being always and forever veiled,, as my God not yours – and blindness prevails.

The Storm

When the storm comes raging – what are we to do?

No way to defend ourselves, no place to hide.

Slowly it consumes everything, leaving nothing but desert behind.

Soon we’ll all be gone, long forgotten in time.

The saddest thing:

Brother kills brother,

as the storm – humanity divine –

too blind to see: We’re nothing but life.

Dying for Virunga

We call ourselves developed and civilized. – a culture with great values,

criticize others as backward, but what does the brisk look reveal?

We kill species millions of years old, for the black gold and some little bling bling.

The new car is not dirty, doesn’t mean your hands are not bloody.

The true costs veiled in our hiddeous system,

millions of animals die every day for our consumption.

We steal their habitat, pollute the air,

turn jungles to deserts – no different than to shoot them ourselves.

Who are we, that we think we have the right to assassinate the last of the silverbacks,

to buy a new phone with the oil of Virunga,

and post a photo on Facebook – as a lover of nature in the zoo.

The dance of silence

They want to crush me with all their noise and screams,

               who shouts loudest                spreads the truth –                in today’s time                forgotten the peace

But before I succumb to your values and being

               I prefer to retreat into                my inner being and world                And play my own song                in the dance of silence.

Swan Song

The church bells call to the last song, I am safely tucked away in silence beautiful clang.

You mourn for the peace of my soul, in gods’ fight for people love.

You stand in the middle of your gray, barren desert; Wondering why I can’t find your god’s teats.

But I already have long since arrived, embraced in life-god’s Harem.